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Welcome to my Blog WISE BOOK. Please first read the Vision and the Mission of it and try to understand both well. Why? “Considering things carefully is good for wise men” which is an Eternal Truth.




“TO FREE THE MAN FROM THE FOOL’S PARADISE by motivating and stimulating each human being to be a practical thinker and work out his own emancipation for man has the power to liberate himself from all bondage through his endeavours and intelligence”.

The Man says that today he is living in the Age of Space Technology and the Age of Convenience. But yet he does not know who he is and what is around him. The man’s position is supreme in this world. Man is his own master and there is no higher being or power that sits in his judgement over his destiny. But yet the man falsely lull in to living in a fool’s paradise.

WISE BOOK is a Golden Crown as shown above is launching to help the man to free from the said fool’s paradise. If you get it thrown well on your head you will not become a King but it will light up your head forever transforming you to a practical and free thinker. Who are the practical and free thinkers? The most practical and free thinker to ever have lived in this world, the Thathagatha has explained it in ten essential factors in one of his teachings “The Kalama Suthra”.  

They are, in his language: “මා අනුස්සවේන”, not to accept the things heard in the past as it is  “මා පරම්පරාය”, not to accept all things come from hereditary as it is “මා ඉතිකිරාය”, not to accept a thing said by a particular person only because that it was told by him “මා පිඨක සම්පදානේන”, not to accept all things written in books or other written forms  “මාතක්ක හේතු”, not to accept the things contain in Philosophy because it is there “මානය හේතු”, not to accept things because it is in a Theory or culture “මා ආකාර පිරිචිත්තකවේන”, not to accept all things as it is which were subject to criticism “මා දිට්ඨ නිජ්ජා නක්ඛත්තියා”, not to accept things as it is because it is agree with your views “මා බබ්භ රූපකායා”, not to accept the things done by experts as because they are done by experts and “මා සමනෝනෝ ගරුති”, not to do the things as they are practice by generation to generation.  The human beings have been born and continue to be born to achieve it. But “Neither mother, nor father, nor any other relative can do a man such good as is wrought by a rightly – directed mind.” (The World Eternal Principals)

It is very clearly evident by this Eternal Principal which was revealed to this world by the Man who had and taught by the most rightly-directed mind that the writing to do a man such good and a practical and free thinker is a very difficult task to achieve and not an easy task as happening in this world today. Therefore, first I wish to bring to your attention who were the writers who wrought with a rightly – directed mind and what they have written to do a man such good. How far it was considered important to write by a rightly-directed mind to do a man such good there has been a King in the “Dhammadweepa” “ධම්මද්වීප” (Sri Lanka) who thought that it was the King’s duty. He set an amazing example for other writers to follow by writing a book by the unique name the “Poems Crown Jewel” “කව්සිළුමිණ” by one hand out of his two very strong and powerful hands. There is no book in this world with such a great name which is evident that he considered that book was worth more than the Crown he wore on his head. But today all different resources available in this world for writing and educating the Man is not being used to guide him to such good but to struggle in a fool’s paradise.

This King’s name is “Parakrmabahu” “පරාක්‍රමබාහු” which means who possessed ‘strong hands’ alone denotes the superiority of this particular King. The King was Parakramabahu 11 “දෙවන පරාක්‍රමබාහු රජ” who ruled the Kingdom of Dambadeniya “දඹදෙණිය” in Sri Lanka. There is no record in the world history that there was a King who wrote a book other than this great King. It also proves that even Kings loved writing if they had a rightly-directed mind to write and also rule their country. What was the background to persuade this great King to write such a great book? All those Kings of this country were educated and advised by the learned Bhikkus (monks) that lived in this country that who possessed a perfect knowledge on “Dhamma” “World Ultimate Truth” and on the real value of “Jathaka Katha” “ජාතක කතා” (Jathaka Stories) which are five hundred and fifty in number and the stories of the previous lives of the Thathagatha. All those stories are the great stories told by the Thathagatha to different persons at different times during his teaching motivated him by his rightly-directed mind to free them from their ignorance.

Then it was also done by the writers who possessed knowledge in several languages and wrought to pass that knowledge to educate the man to be good and live a happy life. They wrote “Subhashitha” (සුභාෂිත) “good words” to use in the daily life of the man. There are a lot more but some of them are “Sidath Sangarava”, “Lovada Sangarava”, “Lokopakaraya”, “Hithopadesha Sangrahaya’, and “Sirith Maldama”. There are no such expert writers today and even it is very difficult to translate them to other languages without losing the real meaning of the content in their writing. Therefore we must understand how much it is difficult to write to do a man such good and a profession respectable like in the time of those writers. One of those writers has indicated that he wrote that book for the benefit of the common mass telling us that writing is not a business and not to get any personal benefit except the happiness gained by gifting the knowledge capable to do a man such good. But today even those books are being used to earn money indicating that they have not read or understood the content in those books.

The other important fact is that the words we use in different languages are symbols. They only represent the things known to man. They are not capable even to convey the true nature of ordinary things. Therefore the “Lankavathara Suthra” “ලංකාවතර සූත්‍ර” has advised that ignorant people get stuck in words like an elephant in the mud. Hence the Mission of this Blog is as mentioned above is to free the Man from such mud and motivate him to see things as it is by the Eye of Wisdom and become a practical and free thinker. Even the Bible says that the getting of wisdom is o how much better than gold. And getting of understanding is to be chosen more than silver.

Therefore I am interested to highlight the following great advice of the Author of the world’s first magazine “Lo Vada Sangarava” “ලෝවැඩ සඟරාව” for your due attention. “තිබූ තැනක සොර සතුරන් ගත නොහෙනා – උගත මනා ශිල්පයමැයි මතු රැකෙනා”  “Knowledge is the only asset that thieves can never steal from us where ever it is stored and is secure for us in the future”.

But today in the fool’s paradise even the above said treasure or wealth is under a constant threat. The Internet is the modern technology produced to use more conveniently the above mentioned treasure or wealth for the human world. Today the internet has become the world’s largest net being used by the human catchers to catch human being using baits known in different names such as com, org and net etc. It has also become a huge dumping ground for collecting all sort of intellectual garbage thrown from every corner of the human world. It has a very quick collecting system therefore everybody like to put their intellectual garbage without any fear of any security. Therefore the new group of thieves called cyber thieves have begun to ruin the internet world turning the fool’s paradise from bad to worse. I am recording that fact here for the benefit of the internet users because of the worst experiences that I happened to undergo with unreliable cyber security software which caused to steal contents and illustrations from my own work. Therefore with that warning I will commence the presentation of my WISE BOOK to you all hoping that you will reap the right benefit from it.

How to contribute to WISE BOOK

It is by expressing your thoughts and your views on good thoughts and creations of others by posting them on WISE BOOK and therefore all visitors are request and required to respect the above Eternal Principal.

All living beings in this world are born free. They prefer and have a right to live and die free. Therefore no one should interfere with that absolute right.

The education is to educate the man to look on the man as a human being. Because the man is completely free from all attributes such as American, English, German, Asian, Chinees, African, Indian, Arabic, Sinhalese, Tamil or Jew which we put on him. All these labels produce harmful prejudice in man’s minds. The labels are immaterial. The important and essential fact is the life of a human being and also all other living beings.


Who is a “man”? The spinning world is spinning without knowing who is a “man”. The exact or real meaning of the term “Man or Human” is available more sensitively in the terms use in some languages such as Sanskrit, Pali and Sinhala terms such as ‘Manusya’ (මානුෂ්‍ය) ‘Manussa’ (මානුස්ස) and ‘Minis’ (මිනිස්) or ‘Minisa’ (මිනිසා) which means, the animal who possess a great mind (මනස) the value of it higher than the minds that all other animals possess. The literature and the culture belonging to these different human societies show that they are the scents of their minds.

All creations and productions for, of and on him therefore should be evident that fact which is humanness. There is no other great treasure like humanness and universal kindness.


A wise mind is needed to be a perfect man. The reason is the mind is the sole root or the cause of all effects created by all beings. Please draw your attention to the following verse in the Dhamma Pada (The World Eternal Truths) revealed to this world by the Thathagatha.

“මනෝ පුබ්බංඟ මා ධම්මා – මනෝ සෙට්ඨා මනෝමයා

මනසා චේ පදුට්ඨේන – භාසතීවා කරෝතිවා”

The meaning of the above verse is that all mental states of all living beings have mind as their forerunner. The mind is their chief, and they are mind-made. Therefore if one speaks or acts, with an unwholesome mind, then always suffering follows one even as the wheel follows the hoof of the draught-ox.

All visitors to this website are therefore informed that they should strictly adhere to the content of this great advice as a legal requirement for expressing and posting their posts in this Blog. If anyone posted an expression or a post violating and disrespecting the fundamental rights of the world human, animal, plant kingdoms and physical resources will have to suffer as advised in the above verse. The publisher of this Blog will not take any responsibility for illegal actions all persons who will post illegal posts are automatically liable to undergo any legal actions cause by any organization on such posts. But the publisher of this Blog believe and respect that the freedom of thought and expression of human thoughts are greater than any other resource to light up their intelligence and any restrictions on the expression of human thoughts will create worse effects on the creation of better human societies and their sustainability.

NOTE: Therefore please note that WISE BOOK is only for the human beings who post posts wrote or created by a rightly-directed mind only.

If you are interested to contribute and participate in this process of wise writing, please visit the Contact page of this website.