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Hello, welcome to etalespublishing.com! The beautiful platform displays the intellectual products of the eTales Publishing Australia to read, learn and enjoy eTales video books and smell the scents of sweet minds.
I am a Writer, Author, Illustrator and an Artist. This is the website of my Sole Trader Small Business eTales Publishing Australia registered in the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), the Australian Government Business Register, a supporter of the eSafety Commissioner of Australia and a member of The Small Business Institute of Australia (TSBI), The Small Business First and The Digital Marketing Institute.
This Small Business is established to publish my Story Books which are creating to build a world free of the smells of bitter minds by lighting up their intelligence and helping transform the world to a safer and happier place for all living beings.

The Main Role

The art of composing, illustrating and creating children’s stories and other literature works using the modern electronic software and publishing them for sale on the electronic platform (etalespublishing.com) is the main role of the eTales Publishing Australia.
This website contains carefully-wrought, exceptional new stories, well-wrought poems and songs intensely personal and immortal.

What is literature?

The literature is the most sensitive way of expressing the humble and noble feelings and living experiences of the human beings to share those feelings and living experiences in the form of beautiful stories for others to enjoy them. In the human history such stories were shared by telling them to each other. Then the stories were written and shared in the form of Puskola Poth and subsequently in the form of printed books.
Today we are living in the age which is known as the Digital Age. This particular age has been able to transform the previous methods of sharing the literature creations to the most convenient method which is sharing the stories globally using the world internet platform. This is a great achievement of the creative man to enable to access the creations of all creative men.

The Vision

This website etalespublishing.com is created to make a great contribution to and enhance that invaluable and remarkable creative process of the man and share the literature creations which are the intellectual creations and products of the eTales Publishing Australia.
The vision of the eTales Publishing Australia is the world great eternal principal “Prevention is better than cure”. In the history of human beings quality literature contributed to educate human beings to live in peace and happiness preventing their minds from involving in family and social violence. The school teachers performed that great task by teaching the subject literature.

The subject cure is performing by the hospital and prison staff. It is very unfortunate that the subject literature has not given its due role in the present school curriculum.
The worst result of this action is the students who do not possess any knowledge of the literature starting bullying which is very convenient for them to do in the Age of Convenience using various products of the Digital Age. It is evident that the present trend in reading is bullying in the artificial intellectual forests. Therefore the lives of most innocent human beings in the modern world are badly affected by the intellectual epidemics that are spreading throughout the digital world which has become an uncontrollable process. Hence more and more hospitals and prisons are built to treat such patients who are mentally ill changing the above eternal principal to “Cure is better than prevention”. Further the cruelty take place defeating the place of humanity in such social environments.
The great vision of the eTales Publishing Australia is therefore to help and contribute to and unite with the people and world organizations who are interested to protect the real meaning of the above eternal principal for the benefit of the current world.
The beautiful stories which have been already published and continue to publish in this website are created and continue to create to encourage and promote the reading habit and light up the intelligence of the readers and the literature lovers and help to save their invaluable time they are currently wasting on bullying.

The Mission

The great mission of the eTales Publishing Australia is therefore to protect the human beings specially the innocent children and teenagers providing quality literature mostly beautiful children’s stories and poem books for them to enjoy and to light up their intelligence to prevent them from bulling and involving in various family and social violence.

The creator of eTales is in the view that by birth all human beings are as innocent as butterflies and bees with sweet minds and flying in search of good flowers filled with sweet nectar. Therefore, they too should be provided with a similar opportunity by creating and supplying quality literature flowers containing sweet literature nectars for them to enjoy as innocent human bees and butterflies. Then the sweet-minded bees can make literature honeycombs for all human beings to enjoy in peace and happiness.


Hence all creations of the eTales Publishing Australia are created and presented as beautiful and fragrant flowers with literature nectar hidden in their hearts to fulfil the above mentioned most important social need by revolutionizing the process currently being undergone by the international children literature.

The creator of the eTales Publishing Australia is in the view and interested on the mission to convince the readers that from the literature point of view the world is a beautiful flower garden and not a human forest in which violence are taking place in various forms. The most of human beings specially the children and teenagers are innocent by born almost as butterflies. Therefore the world flower garden in which those butterflies are roaming around and over has to be beautify with more and more flowers for them to enjoy their life safely.
The intellectual products of the eTales Publishing Australia are such flowers gifting to that world flower garden for the innocent human butterflies to enjoy and help them to protect their humanness. Such flowers continue to blossom here in the form of eTales video books containing sweet nectars of rare literature. They have created and create for human butterflies to fly there and sit on them harmlessly. Then kiss and taste the literature nectars and store them in their stores of intelligence and motivate them also to create similar creations too. The sole reason is that there is no other resource or treasure for human beings worth than intelligence that human beings should develop and secure and share with other members of their societies to live in peace and happy. The etalespublishing.com is therefore a mini flower garden in that aspect.
Each eTales video book flower in this mini flower garden is blossoming in different colours with beautiful and soft petals having hidden the sweet literature nectar in the heart of them. Therefore while lot of creatures passing over and around them only the intelligent human butterflies would be able to reap and enjoy the real benefits of these eTales video book flowers. Please note that these eTales video book flowers have been created in the form that no one could harm to them and steal or destroy the sweet literature nectars hidden in their hearts.
Therefore all human societies are requested to be intelligent to read and gift these eTales video book flowers to your loving children to get light up their intelligence and prevent them being lost their unrecoverable time now they waste by bullying in the artificial intellectual forests. It is also evident that the lives of lot of innocent human butterflies of the modern world are badly affected by the intellectual epidemics that are spreading throughout the digital world which has become an uncontrollable process. Therefore the human societies are requested to be vigilant on them and protect yourself and your loving children from those hidden intellectual epidemics spreading all over the human world.


Here there are very rare and beautiful creations for them to learn as human butterflies, their mothers as flower trees and their teachers as second mothers with reasons why they should consider and respect and protect them.

Their minds and intelligence should be directed in such direction to prevent them in engaging and involving in all socially unacceptable behaviours and to build non-violent human societies. This is a mission very difficult to achieve in the current world but it is worth to conclude with the hope and stressing that there is nothing impossible in this world. So we will try it until we achieve it satisfactorily.
The literature is not for fun. The quality literature is to educate and guide the human beings on the path for their higher education.

When it happen thus, more and more human beings could become learned persons and independent thinkers who could contribute by their knowledge and vision to create better human societies for all of us to live in peace and happiness. So we will create a world of beautiful literature and creators who are competent to free the world from criminal minds and create a world of sweet minds of nonviolence and peace lovers. We will thus make the creation of quality and beautiful literature is a business of the wise men. That is the noble and sole intention of the eTales Publishing Australia and I bless it to happen and invite all literature lovers to enjoy the literature creations of the eTales Publishing Australia.
I thank and express my gratitude to all visitors to this website and enjoy eTales.