Business Policies, Rules and Regulations


ETALES PUBLISHING AUSTRALIA is an Individual Sole Trader Small Business registered under section 33(8) of the Australian Business Names Registration Act 2011 by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and also on the Australian Business Register by the Australian Business Registrar of the Australian Government.


The products/creations of ETALES PUBLISHING AUSTRALIA are intellectual. Therefore, all customers should adhere to the rules and regulations of the International Intellectual Property Laws when they are buying the products of ETALES PUBLISHING AUSTRALIA.

Further all customers who purchase its products and all visitors who visit its website are strictly informed that no one of them has the rights to reproduce any part or full content of ETALES PUBLISHING AUSTRALIA products/creations in any form or media.

Business Model

Selling online (e Commerce) is the business model of the ETALES PUBLISHING AUSTRALIA. Hence ETALES VIDEO BOOKS of the ETALES PUBLISHING AUSTRALIA are sold subject to the condition ‘View & Think’ and not for any other purposes. The customer should pay for Video Books following the payment opportunity provided for and then the purchased Video Book will be email to the customer’s email address facilitating him to view the Video Book on his/her electronic device. The digital Arts are sold subject to the condition that the buyers should display the digital Arts they bought at their homes, schools and work places only. They should not reproduce them in any form or for sale.

No credit.

When a customer places an order to purchase a Video Book or any other product from ETALES PUBLISHING AUSTRALIA it will send a customer an email confirming receipt of the customer’s order and containing the details of the particular order. All orders are binding once confirmed. All payment should be made within seven days of the order. Then the particular video book will be email to the customer’s email address. But the customers should be followed the other procedure mentioned in the website to buy the framed Arts.

All personal information of customers will be protected and treated with strict confidentiality.

Please accept my gratitude for all literature and arts lover customers who will view and think the ETALES Video Books and ETALES Arts of ETALES PUBLISHING AUSTRALIA by themselves and also extend their cooperation to motivate more such customers to view and think the ETALES Video Books and Arts of ETALES PUBLISHING AUSTRALIA.

The Customers who are willing to make comments on this small business and its contribution to the World Literature and Arts are welcome and requested to do so only by using the email address mentioned in the contact information of this website.©