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Hi, welcome to ETALES Video Books and Digital Arts platform of the ETALES PUBLISHING AUSTRALIA.

The world of children is a different world. They live in a multicultural human society. Therefore, they are lucky to enjoy the different stories inherited and spreading all over that particular world.

The world of children is innocent. Most of them are nonviolent. They are happy to live in peace. Therefore, they like to hear and read the stories in which protect their peaceful social environment. The ETALES Video Books and digital arts have been created and presented here in this platform to make a contribution to fulfil that important requirement in the children’s world.

Please therefore view and think about its Video Books and digital arts created and presented by its owner. They are beautiful and uncommon stories composed with attractive illustrations capable of illustrating the content of the stories more conveniently.

Dear Parents and Children!

Dear Parents and Children!

The parents are the first teachers of all human beings and societies. The living world is composed of such teachers (parents) and their children. There is no other wealth or treasure in the world for the parents that are worth more than their children. There is no other wealth or treasure in the world for the children that are worth more than their parents. This is an eternal truth that we all will have to accept and respect.

Therefore, ETALES PUBLISHING AUSTRALIA is happy to present its beautiful ETALES Video Books and Arts to help the world’s first teachers (parents) and their children to view beautiful, uncommon children video books and arts and think to get their knowledge improved on the above mentioned eternal truth which is an intelligent path to spend a happy and peaceful life.

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The video titled NOBLE MOTHER is gifted here respecting all grandmothers, mothers and step-mothers in the world and in appreciation of the commemoration of THE WORLD MOTHERS DAY 2021. Please watch it and don’t forget and fail to look after and respect them well. It is a meritorious deed that all human beings has to express their great humanity to the human world that they are living in. Thanks.


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