Hi, welcome to etalespublishing.com to smell the scents of sweet minds. This website contains carefully-wrought, exceptional new stories, well-wrought poems and songs and very beautiful Art Works intensely personal and immortal.  I am a Writer, Author, Illustrator and an Artist. This is the website of my Sole Trader Small Business ETALES PUBLISHING AUSTRALIA. This Small Business is established to publish my Story Books and Art Works which are creating to build a world free of the smells of bitter minds by lighting up their intelligence and helping transform the world to a safer and happier place for all living beings.


Therefore I continue to follow the world eternal principal “Neither mother, nor father, nor any other relative can do a man such good as is wrought by a rightly-directed mind.” in my writing and other creations.

Who is a “man”? The rolling world is rolling without knowing who is a “man”. The exact or real meaning of the term “Man or Human” is available more sensitively in the terms used in some languages such as Sanskrit, Pali and Sinhala terms such as ‘Manusya’ (මානුෂ්‍ය) ‘Manussa’ (මානුස්ස) and ‘Minis’ (මිනිස්) or ‘Minisa’ (මිනිසා) which means the animal who possess a great mind (මනස) the value of it higher than the minds that all other animals possess. The literature and the culture belonging to these different human societies show that they are the scents of their minds.

But only the scents of sweet minds which are following the above world eternal principal are harmless and keep the human societies safe and happy. This is an eternal principal that human societies are governed by and control ever. Hence the time has opportune to educate the human beings to know about what are the scents of sweet minds to form harmless human societies in this world.


The mission of ETALES PUBLISHING AUSTRALIA is therefore to introduce and spread the smells of sweet minds all over the world to transform it to a place of nonviolence and harmless people as symbolised in the above picture. The writer and the readers or the teacher and the learners should be the persons who possess nonviolence and sweet minds. Accordingly if all minds are able to sense the smells of sweet minds the bitter minds may not have a place in this world. The world then may transform to a safer living place for all animals and the habitat. It is the sole responsibility of the sweet minds of this world. The ETALES PUBLISHING AUSTRALIA is to awaken the sweet minds to begin the process before it gets too late. That is why I publish this picture of invitation.

Further the Darkness is reign wherever there are no lights. Ignorance reigns where there are no wise thinking. The quality books are the lights and lamps that illuminate the literature world. The thinking ability of the Author is the fuel and power that brighten up the brightness of those lights and lamps that illuminate the literature world. If there are more and more such bright lights and lamps in the literature world and its brightness is brighter then it will help to eliminate the darkness of Ignorance in our world. This ambition is accomplished by writing, designing, illustrating and supplying intelligent, edifying, exciting, enjoyable, magical, and memorable stories, picture books, poems, songs and dramas for the digital book world. The Art Works are to dress them beautifully and also to beautify their living environments.

A big thank for your cooperation.