The creations of ETALES PUBLISHING AUSTRALIA are unique in terms of the writing style, design and illustration methodology and techniques, which are more appropriate for the readers in the world of digital books. Many of the themes are uncommon, and some of the scenes depicted are from a bygone era, and therefore has some literary and historical value.


The story-telling approach of ETALES PUBLISHING AUSTRALIA is of high quality and innovative. All the stories, poems and songs are carefully planned and structured effectively with high-quality; unique illustrations and themes which are universal, yet unique in order to be provide a competitive edge.


Story-based – methodology of writing and electronic art drawing with familiarity and universality, appealing to children, teachers and other readers around the world.


The mechanism of ETALES PUBLISHING AUSTRLIA is telling and selling stories, poems and songs and Art Works in electronic format. This is a vital mechanism and allows the conveying of enthusiasm, making the books more interesting and motivating, being an appropriate length and familiarity to readers, and also being able to of holding the reader’s attention.


The subject matter and content of these creations are relevant to life, are interesting and memorable, and entertaining and are also an appropriate length and value. They have educational potential such as teaching how to learn, incorporating world/cultural knowledge, conceptual development and intelligence. They encourage positive attitudes, arouse curiosity, build confidence, and encourage enjoyable and successful learning experiences while motivating the desire to continue reading and learning and also drawing beautiful Arts. They are rich in the values of co-operation, collaboration, emotional development and self-esteem. They help teach global issues such as citizenship education, multicultural education, and diversity/intercultural awareness. Language and content are authentic and appropriate.

Therefore, the books promote language development in an enjoyable, visual, literary and cultural context. The stories encourage social and emotional development (of children). They provide opportunities for involvement and participation, thinking and interacting, predicting and guessing and repeated exercise of the imagination, encouraging children to learn how to learn, and addressing universal themes, helping support and expand children’s knowledge. They have moral or express values and beliefs that are acceptable to teachers and their pupils, providing opportunities for follow up and extension work.


The illustrations and the layouts of these eBooks are attractive, colourful and appropriate in size.

They are clear and accessible and large enough to be seen by the whole class.

Strong, providing good visual support and they synchronize with the text to help clarify and support meaning.

They help children develop their observation skills and learn how to decode the various types of art work by focusing their attention on specific details or asking questions about the pictures.

Encourage children to comment on the illustrative styles, and the use of colour.

They inspire the creative potential of the readers and motivate them also to contribute to the promotion of International Literature by producing and publishing their stories©